Three Helpful Tools For New Article Marketers

Three Helpful Tools For New Article Marketers

Making it to the top search engine results for corresponding keywords is always the main goal of wise online entrepreneurs.

These days, setting up an actual online store is never enough. Although they are important for you to have a store where you can accommodate your potential clients, you have to know that competition on the internet can be really tough. Being found by your target market can be difficult if you are relatively new in the field. Fortunately, there are proven tactics to get some well-deserved attention for your business. What’s great about this is that many of these strategies are even available for free or only for a small fee. This means you will not have to pay huge bucks just to see your traffic and profit skyrocket like never before.

Tip: Originality is key. When you’re fearless, your personality will show through your writing and engage your readers.

One of the best ways to increase your web presence is to engage in article marketing. By posting articles on your website and other popular submission services, increasing your credibility and receiving more backlinks can be achieved without spending a huge sum of money on advertising. All you need to do is to invest time and effort and you’ll be headed towards greater success.

Want to know which article marketing tools are most productive? Read on and we’ll tell you about each one.

1. Google Keyword Tool

One common mistake among marketers is to simply start writing using keywords they think are most important for their business. This simple tool from Google provides essential details for those who want to have a sound marketing strategy. With it, you can research your competition and have a better understanding about what people are actually looking for when they use the search engine. Of course, it is important that you consider the browsing habits and patterns of your clients. You’ll identify the best keywords in no time and you’ll get better results out of your marketing activities.

2. Article Marketing Robot

Although submitting to the top 5 directories is often the safest route to take, those who want to go beyond that can use this article marketing software and make their lives easier. As the name implies, Article Marketing Robot does the tedious tasks and makes submission much simpler than you can when you do it all on your own. This program has received a lot of positive feedback for being user-friendly and effective.

Tip: Creating entertaining content is key when writing articles. Informal writing will best connect with the reader.

This software actually offers an option to spin articles but we do not encourage you to use that just to increase the volume of your articles. With the recent changes implemented by Google, article quality is now more significant than quantity. We suggest you avoid that if you want to decrease the risks of falling in the same category as spammers. Besides, readers will find it harder to take your website seriously if your articles lack the impact and do not provide them with the answers they need. Many article directory sources will even ban you if they do not find your articles helpful.

3. Build My Rank

Build My Rank is one of the biggest newbies in the internet marketing industry. They’ve been around for only a while but they’ve gained a solid reputation among those who prefer smaller articles. If you are the type of writer who’d rather write simple articles with a word count of 150 words and above, BMR can be an extremely valuable article marketing software that lets you achieve your purposes. You’ll get to add at least one link per article plus their websites are high ranking. Your search engine presence will see significant improvements before you even know it.


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